I’m a filmmaker with a passion for telling stories. My recent focus has been on documentaries, and my films are an exploration of aesthetics and representation. I like to consider narratives from different reference points, focusing on the internal influence of the subject, over any potential external factors. How a person is seen by audiences is very important to me, and the act of curating their life on screen is a responsibility which I endeavour to achieve with an enthusiastic honesty.
I don’t like to plan my productions in too much detail, as I want to avoid preconceived expectations and generic approaches to filmmaking. Instead, I like to collaborate with my subject, finding ways to capture moments in an organic way. I often begin with a simple conversation, recording dialogue as a base for my film, but also using the conversation as a guide to what could be filmed. Only then will I take out a camera, allowing the subject to go about their daily life without any staging or interference. Collating these fragments together in the edit is my favourite part of the process, where the story comes to life.
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